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    Returning one copy of a book makes all copies inaccessible


      I borrow books from multiple libraries. Say I borrow a book from library A. A few days before it expires, I borrow the same book from library B. I don't want two copies of the book showing up in ADE, so I want to get rid of the older copy. Being a good citizen, I want to return the book to library A, rather than just deleting it. So I select the copy of the book that shows the lesser time remaining (i.e. library A's copy) and choose Return Borrowed Item.


      When I try to open the copy from library B, I get the "No record of this loan" message. Even if I delete it and download the acsm from library B again, I can load the book to ADE, but cannot open it. If I try downloading it on a different computer, same result.


      Going to my Overdrive account for both libraries, library A correctly shows the book returned; library B still thinks I have the book checked out.


      Is this expected behavior, or is it a bug? Is there any way to make the book readable, short of returning it and checking it out again (which I can't do without waiting for several weeks for it to become available)?