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    Install and use Adobe Digital Editions on a computer without internet access ?




      I have a pair of PCs, one of them, with Windows Vista, has never been connected to the internet since many years. It is used for word processing mostly. I didn't even bother to plug an ethernet cable inside or think about a Wifi USB key, in a way it's better that way, no useless distractions and no security threats.


      I want to use that offline PC for work, and it would require to use Adobe Digital Editions on that machine. I downloaded the offline standalone installer from adobe.com without problems, however, apparently, Adobe only accepts us to use the program after we have activated it through internet access.


      Does that mean there is simply no way out, and I can't use Digital Editions on my offline computer ?

      Would you perhaps know a solution to this issue ?


      Thank you VERY MUCH if you can help !

      Kind regards