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    How do I adjust the bleed marks to match the requirements I was given?


      Background: I am new to InDesign and am having to learn it from trial and error. I am also using InDesign CC.


      My current document is 8.75 inches x11.25 inches and the bleeds for the top, bottom, inside, and outside are all 0.25 in. The slug for the top, bottom, inside, and outside are all  0in. 


      I need to meet these requirements (verbatim to how they worded it):

      A full page print ready (300dpi) advert to the dimensions of:
      Bleed: 221mm wide x 281mm high
      Trim: 215mm wide x 275mm high


                     *I thought that trim was for illustrator? Is trim the same as crop marks?*


      How do I adjust my document to meet the above requirements?  Any advice helps! Thanks!