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    CFGrid with boolean (checkboxes) submitting empty string


      I have been searching and searching here, there, and Google for some insight on what I am doing wrong here and can not find anything.


      My issue is this: I have an html format CFGrid that is using a query to populate, selectMode is set to edit, the query has 12 columns, 5 of which are bits (MS SQL), when I try to add a row then submit the grid to my action code the checkbox values are all empty strings, regardless of check status.  If I use the applet verson all is well, I get proper values and can execute the code accrodingly. However since this must be accessible from an IPad the applet is out, as well as Flash.  So my question is am I doing something wrong, how do I determine if the checkbox was checked on an Insert?


      Updates work fine, the check values come through perfectly, it is only when a new row is inserted that things go haywire.


      Thanks in advance.


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