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    Error message your video card...


      i got a error message 20 seconds into renendering a 40 second video..

      it was  http://gyazo.com/0edce0b13271951b2982e602faa63413   

      my compute specs are way above the requiered amount to run after effects... i give it 200gb for cache and 6 gb RAM decated only to adobe.. please help i cant render out my project and i dont know why my after effects is doing this.



      after effects cs6


      windows envy

      processor AMD ft(tm) 6120 six core   3.50 GHz

      64 bit

      10.0 gb RAM

      windows 8

      i was only running skype at the time

      i am not using render multiple frames thing... it tends to make after effects slower

      i have quick time updated yesterday

      my footage is simple footage there is a little bit of motion tracking in it and around 40 effects.