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    Issue editing template for website


      So, I am new to Dreamweaver and constantly baffled about finding solutions to problems on my own.


      My issue is this. I have been assigned the duty of updating and modifying our company's webpage. I had nothing to do with the creation of this page, so I am working with someone else's work.


      http://www.csus.edu/isr/index.html     this is what I'm working on.


      My problem had been editing this template that is used on all the other pages. I have a spry menu bar that has all of our menu options. I found a way to add a bar to that, at my company's request. The other edit I made to the page was adding buttons for facebook and twitter. I have updated the file on a local copy, saved it once seeing it worked well in the preview browser, and then replaced the file on the remote server. The template does not change at all. None of my changes are applied whatsoever.


      Any idea why this is happening? I have no clue at this point. I have tried everything I could think of.


      Do you think it has anything to do with editable regions, or what??? I have no clue


      I would appreciate any response at all. Thank You.