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    Losing text from Illustrator


      I am trying to import an Illustrator CS6 file (.ai) into Premiere Pro CS6, but the text will not show up in Premiere. I have tried putting all elements on a single layer and having each element on its own layer in Illustrator with no change in results. This is a new workflow for me. I used to do all my graphics in Photoshop so I am probably just missing something obvious. Thanks for help.

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          jstrawn Adobe Employee

          What color is the text in Illustrator? Does it have a background? Is the file importing int prpro but you're just not seeing it in the monitor? My guess is that the text is black and has no non-black background shape behind it so when you drop it into the timeline with no non-black items on a track beneath you're not seeing it becaus its black on black. In thay case, make the text non-black in AI and/or putsome kind of non-black background behind it.


          If it's not importing at all then thats a seperate issue and i'd need the source file to troubleshoot.

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            Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Try making the text in the AI file into an outline.

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