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    Playing sound (mp3) from user's HDD?

    MazAwushu Level 1

      I've got following problem:
      - I've got a flash website that is on a server
      - I need user to be able to play his own mp3s (from his HDD) (something like a mp3 player, but launched from a server)

      I thought about following solution:
      a sound object (ex. var sound:Sound = new Sound()) is loading a file peviously uploaded to a server using sound.load(new URLRequest(...))

      But it's very "complicated"... user is wasting his time 1. to upload mp3 from his HDD, and 2. to download the same mp3 back to his local drive. It's waste of time and bandwich just for being able to access the local file. Isn't there any other way to solve the problem without having to upload and download the song?

      Thank you in advance for any response.
      Maciej from Poland.