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    how to uninstall InDesign


      How do you uninstall InDesign.  I had the trial, but threw out the entire adobe folder.  So now I'm paying the $49.99 monthly fee and want to start over.  For some reason I can't install the entire InDesign software.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Start over in what sense? Are you saying you don't have access to your applications any longer because you trashed the folder and want to reinstall? Or are you saying you want to stop subscribing, uninstall CC, and roll back to some previous version?

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            rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            On OSX the uninstallers are in the Adobe folder in Application Support. The folder you trashed had an alias over to its uninstaller, so unless you trashed the Adobe support folder it should still be there:


            user:Library:Application Support:Adobe:Uninstall


            And I think you will need to run the uninstallers first before you are able to reinstall. Uninstallers end with the  .app extension and there will one for each application you have previously installed. You can unistall and keep application preferences.