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    Why won't character tracking (aka, chr spacing) work properly?

    jyeager11 Level 1

      I'm not sure if this started happening with an update, or if it just randomly started happening, but for the past couple of weeks the character tracking drop-down in the paragraphs palette is buggy.


      If I select -100 in the drop-down, I get -68.


      If I select -50, I get -34.


      If I try typing the number manually, it switches to those new values just like the drop-down does.


      I can't for the life of me tell Photoshop to set character tracking to -100, -50, or ANYTHING anywhere near specific. It's like it does a little math when we choose a number, and modifies that number according to this math.


      The math appears to be "change it to 68% of whatever the designer set it to", but it might actually be more complex than that.


      Is there a fix for this? Did I accidentally toggle something on?