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      We are developing a web application [jsp.asp] and providing [Robohelp] webhelp. There is concern that someone could get access to the webhelp if they obtain the url. Due to the nature of the business this would reveal sensitive information. Does anyone know if there is a way to add security.

      Thank you.
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          Did you ever receive an answer to your question about security to prevent an outside user from accessing your help file? This issue became real to us today and I have had no luck finding a solution.
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            There is no means that I know of to achieve this from RH or any other tool. The help has to be in a location that cannot be accessed by unauthorised users and that is down to your developers.

            I suggest you edit out your email address to prevent yourself getting spam when the address gets picked up. Also the idea of the forum is that answers are posted here so that others benefit.

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              olson98 Level 1
              Thanks - I edited my message. I did want the answer both posted and sent, but I'm desperate. Thanks for trying.
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                Linux Rules Level 2
                Hello Wendy -

                Your options are outside of RoboHelp and reside on your Web server and with your Web master. You'll need password/authentication to access your site, etc. and that is not part of RH.

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                  I asked our engineer to share his knowledge. Here's a direct quote. Good Luck!

                  "We setup our application to create a cookie when the user logs in. We renamed the default.htm page in the generated help files to default.asp, and check to make sure the user has the cookie at the top of the page. If not, we display an error message. This will only prevent users from launching the help system using the default page. If they know a specific help content url it will not protect against this."