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    Flex Builder  requires users to remove packaged eclipse

      I have Sun Java 5, Eclipse, and Firefox 2 installed through my distro (Ubuntu 7.10).

      After installing FlexBuilder via sudo, launch Eclipse shows no differences. Opening a Terminal and running ./Adobe_Flex_builder.sh fails with the following error message:

      Standalone player is available under and will be used from
      Plugin flash player is available under - /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and the same is set to MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH
      ./Adobe_Flex_builder.sh: 73: cannot create temp.txt: Permission denied
      ./Adobe_Flex_builder.sh: 74: cannot create temp1.txt: Permission denied
      cat: temp1.txt: No such file or directory

      ./Adobe_Flex_builder.sh: 93: /eclipse: not found

      I am not going to remove my properly packaged, updatable Eclipse to run a single-user FlexBuilder install.

      Could Adobe simply provide a regular package for the distros it supports? Asides from fetching Sun Java 1.5 and Eclipse as necessary, it'd also avoid doing silly things like suggesting Flex be installed in the root users home directory, and be a proper multiuser app.

      The whole 'installshield on Linux' thing is getting old. Modern proprietary apps like Skype, VMware etc - provide packages that can be installed and updated like every other app.