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    Adobe Presenter 8 won't publish correctly

    Steve (Varian)

      I get the Adobe Presenter splash page, the little green circle and that's it. The size of the pdf appears like more should be there, but that is all that is showing on my screen.


      I was working fine in AP 8, upgraded to AP 9. Went to publish and the NOTES would not show in the sidebar, neither would contact link and information. That all worked fine in AP 8. So I uninstalled 9, reinstalled 8 and now I can't even get it to publish to see if the NOTES would show.


      Can anyone direct me how to fix this?



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          Mukul_Adobe Adobe Employee



          To identify why your presentation is not playing in PR9 published output, please send us the presentation is pakacged format. (Use "Packager" feature of Presenter). Send us the packaged file to mvlele@adobe.com


          Regarding your other issue, when you reinstalled PR8 and published the same content again, does the published outout keep rotating with progress indicator?

          If yes, please open the folder where you have published the content and look for 'vconfig.xml'


          Make the following changes -

          If you can remove the following nodes from vconfig.xml in the published output, it will start working


          <uicolor name="notesTextBackground" value="0xFFFFFF"/>

          <uishow name="cctexthighlighting" value="true"/>

          Save the file and now play the published content. It will start playing.




          Adobe Presenter Engg. Team.

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            Steve (Varian) Level 1

            This is great, the Speaker Notes showed exactly right.


            However, the contact information (my email address did not). Is there something I can do to fix it so my contact information shows up? Similar to what you showed above?


            I reloaded AP 9 on my machine and it seems to work okay now. I had deleted the old one. However, the problem still remains on the Sidebar that my Name and Title and Contact information are not showing. I've checked that the boxes are checked... I will uncheck them all and publish a presentation and then publish without the sidebar, then try publishing with the sidebar I want... Maybe that will trigger something.


            If you have a more definite method to ensure that the Sidebar display with the more than just the Title, I would love to hear it.