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    Connection Problem! - PSSST Help

      I noticed a few posts that look similar and this problem is also prevalent on the web... but I have yet to find a solution. So, here goes...

      I am currently attempting to use Contribute CS3 in order to manage/edit web pages. The connection type I am using is FTP (I have tried letting Contribute configure my connection and I have also manually configured with Passive). I am able to get passed the initial FTP access test and I can connect to the server and see my files… but when the setup attempts to go through the final steps, connect to the root web folder of my choice, create a temp file on the server (apparently from what I have read, Contribute needs to create a temp file on the server) and run FTP diagnostics I get the error

      “Contribute cannot verify your connection information.
      Please contact your administrator for assistance”

      I have made sure that
      - I can hit my ftp site using dreamweaver and another ftp client (filezilla)
      - I have checked permissions of the ftp user and I have full read/write permissions on the server