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    Beta 2 won't install under MyEclipse 6.0

    cxf02 Level 1
      There seems to be an issue with finding the configuration directory while installing. It refuses to recognize it as a subdirectory, even though it exists at: E:\MyEclipse6.0\eclipse\configuration. I installed europa (3.3.1) and FLEX showed up. I am now installing the MyEclipse Plugin over that and we shall see if it holds. I have already installed the standalone and it works (although there are project conversion issues--They can be overcome) well so far. But I like the Server and project stuff that MyEclipse comes with so I don't want to give that up under the same application. There are no errors in the installation log, and except for the glitch of the configuration directory (which is where I think the real problem lies) there is no difference between the eclipse europa edition and the MyEclipse configuration files except that the history in the europa shows that the plugins were installed, and they don't show up in the MyEclipse history.

      The good news is that I was able to install eclipse 3.3, then FLEX, then the MyEclipse Plugin and FLEX can be seen! The installer needs to be messed with and it will probably work.