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    Premiere Elements 9 Won't Let Me Export Video.  What's Wrong?

    CwooddirectorVG Level 1

      So I have been trying to edit a recent Let's Play video for my Youtube channel, but there is a huge problem.  The program won't let me export my video.  I tried to export it as a .mpg; but it will never finish rendering.  I've tried other formats and the same thing happens.  I tried making a new project file and the same thing happened.  It will usually get to 1% or 47% and then the estimated time will start increasing and the video won't save any further.  I've edited videos with these type of files before (.M2TS, .MP4, .WAV, & .PNG) and it has rendered just fine.  Please help me because I have people who are asking for this video.  My computer runs Windows 7 Professional and has 2GB of RAM.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You've got a couple of issues to be concerned with, Cwood.


          First -- are you really running a Windows 7 Professional computer with 2 gig of RAM! If so, it's surprising you can even run Premiere Elements. I highly recommend you upgrade to 4 gigs of RAM at the minimum -- and, if your OS is Windows 7 64-bit, possibly 6 or 8 gigs. RAM is your computer's lungs. Without adequate RAM, your computer can barely breathe!


          Also, make sure that you have adequate free space on your hard drive (I'd recommend at least 100 gigs) and that you have run Disk Cleanup and the Defragmenter so that Premiere Elements has adequate free space to use for temp and render files.


          Second, editing video from recording software like Let's Play can  have a number of inherent problems. What format is Let's Play recording your video as? If you open the video file in Media Info or G Spot, what frame rate, resolution and codec is displayed?


          Finally, I would very much recommend AGAINST using an MPEG output for your YouTube output. MPEGs, like DV-AVIs, are interlaced videos, and they are really not going to look good at all when you post them online?


          Have you tried using Premiere Elements 9's Share/Online/YouTube to output your video?