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    WebGet Request Failed


      i am trying to download a subscription to Acrobat XI Pro and I repeatedly receive a "WebGet Request Failed" error message. I do not understand what this means or how to traverse the problem.

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          Sarabjit Singh Employee Moderator



          We apologise for the inconvenience.


          What's the OS/browser version ?


          Can you try a different browser/system?


          We are looking into a workaround for this case.




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            H.Spector Adobe Employee



            I am sorry that you are having the trouble with subscribing to Acrobat Plus.


            Please share more information with us to investigate further.


            This "WebGet Request Failed" error message prompts when you are clicking "Download Now" in Acrobat Plus screen?  Or it happens when you are trying to install Acrobat Pro using DLM.exe on your computer?


            Please let us know which Windows systems and browser you are using.


            Thank you for subscibing to Acrobat Plus.



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              Sarabjit Singh Employee Moderator

              This case has been resolved.


              Customer had Norton 360 and McAfee anti-virus programs on his system that was interfering with Acrobat XI download.


              Removing McAfee fixed the issue.


              Thanks for the feedback and if you have future issues with Acrobat Plus please let us know and we will be happy to help you further.




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                Can't Download

                I am having the same issue with the download. However, I've uninstalled McAfee and I still get the WebGet Request Failed. Any ideas?