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    How do I update Flash without accessing the Adobe.com site?


      Running Windows 7 and recently for whatever reason (I'm assuming) my flash has stopped running.


      On Facebook a couple of games I dabble in will not load up (though once in a while have albeit briefly), non-YouTube videos don't play and a couple of sites including Adobe.com won't load up though I do seem to manage to get the home page text-only down the left side with links. I can't access Forms Central & am completely unable to access the Flash update page which I'd hoped might end my woes.


      My issues seem to be consistant across all browsers.


      Is there any way to update flash without accessing the regular flash update page?




      ps in case anyone is wondering... I'm accessing this page from work as I can't get here from my home computer.


      The facebook games/videos aren't a big loss as much as being able to access the Adobe site from home while I'm working on a couple of websites...