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    GPU Acceleration. Which one to choose for Premiere CC: CUDA or OpenCL?

    PierreLouisBeranek Level 1

      If anyone has any experience regarding CUDA vs OpenCL acceleration in Premiere Pro CC, I would really appreciate your thoughts on this:


      I have a Sager 8270 laptop with an nVidia GTX770M video card with 3GB GDDR5 VRAM that I need to exchange since the one I got is defective.  I can either exchange it for the same model, or an identically spected model with an AMD Radeon HD  8970M Graphics with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM.  Which one should I choose?  Is CUDA acceleration inherently better than OpenCL for Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop?  Is it the other way around, or are they about the same?


      Do AMD cards that aren't on Adobe's officially supported list of cards work the same as unsupported nVidia cards?  Neither one of these two cards are on the list, but in CC, my GTX770M works fine without any hacks.


      Any info on this is much appreciated, including links to other relevant articles/threads! (I found the 'OpenCL vs Cuda for CS6' thread but it didn't help)


      Thank you!


      In case this helps, here are my laptop's specs:

      Intel Core i7 Haswell 2.7Mhz

      32GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM

      Windows 7 Home Edition (on Windows 8 now but will  go back to Windows 7)

      120GB SSD for OS

      960GB SSD for Video Files/Projects

      1TB HDD for documents