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      Is there a way to download fonts? If not PS Touch really needs to step up their game and add that. The fonts given are pretty bad. Just feedback, no hate


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          joerg eberhardt Employee Moderator

          unfortunately not - you may want to create an idea/request for this listing your sets of preferred fonts.


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            Mutant04 Level 1

            I agree that this is something that is needed in Photoshop Touch, and hope that it will be included in a future updated.


            I use Photoshop Touch on the Android platform, and at present my work around is this:


            I use an app called Picsay Pro. This is a great app in its own right (although not as good a Photoshop Touch), however Picsay Pro does allow you to install your own fonts (ttf and otf).


            I then create a blank file in Picsay pro (say 2000 pixels by 1000 pixels), White Background. Click the sticker icon and choose Title.

            Type your text that you wish, play around with the styles if you want, (I usually leave as just black, as I can playy around in PS Touch). To get your fonts that you have installed, tap the text preview, this brings up a dialog box, tap font and at the bottom tap custom fonts. this brings up all the fonts that you have installed.


            When you have finshed , click the green tick.


            Tap the text once, this bring up a orange icon, hold down this icon and stretch your text to fill the document.


            Now click Export and then  Save Picture to Album.


            Back in Phoptoshop Touch, you can load your text jpeg into your  photoshop touch project. Use the Magic wand (make sure Contiguous is turned off) to select the white background, then choose Clear.


            This will get your text on a transparent background.


            Sometimes you might get a fringe round your text, to get rid of it: Choose Select Pixels. Then choose Transform (in the Selection menu, not the Transform tool).


            In the box that appears, in the Expand box enter -1 or -2 and hit the tick. Now choose Extract and then Deselect.


            This technique will work will all fringing.


            It sounds a long winded process (but after doing it a few times , its doesn't  take that long)


            Although in saying that it would be better if custom fonts were intergrated into Photoshop Touch without the need of another app.



            I hope this helps.  I' m currently in the throws of updating my website and writing a book for Photoshop Touch techinques, so feedback would be much appreciated.