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      Inside camera raw, you can sharpen the Image up to 150, But Inside Photoshop you can sharpen the Image up to 500. Why there a different numbers


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          Totally different sharpening methods.

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            You don’t even mention the values for the numbers or which Photoshop sharpening Filter you are referring to.

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              Inside the Camera Raw, there Is only one place to sharpen the Image, and Inside sharpening, and the maximum amount Is 150, you also have the Detail Tab, and Radius Tab and The Masking Tab. Inside the Photoshop If you go to smart sharpen the maximum value is 500. If you go to unsharp mask the maximum value is also 500.

              and you have the Radius and Threshold. My question was what is the different of sharpening inside the Photoshop, or inside the Camera Raw, and why the maximum value is 150 In Camera Raw


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                The numbers do not refer to any unit whatsoever.  The minimum sharpening is 0 and the maximum is designated 150 in ACR.  In Photoshop they chose to designate 500 as the maximum.  That's all.


                The Photoshop and the Camera Raw teams are completely separate and independent from each other.  They each use different methods of sharpening, so there's no such thing as a correspondent value of sharpening between the two methods.


                The degree of sharpening is entirely a subjective choice.  The numbers just help you remember what level of sharpening you personally prefer.

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                  Raw data offer entirely different possibilities of manipulation than cooked data.

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                    Dar station_two.


                    Thank you very much, now I know Camera Raw, and Photoshop they use different methods of sharpening.


                    Most of the times I sharpen my Images Inside the Photoshop, and I use the Luminosity channel. And I always use the Mask to delete the other parts that are sharpen more.

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                      You're welcome. 


                      There are many different ways of sharpening, and they all valid with their own merits. 


                      For a long time I used to prefer using the History Brush in luminosity mode to selectively paint in the sharpening from a Snaphshot of a duplicated layer in the History panel, and I still use it for some images.  Otherwise I just go with PhotoKit Sharpen from Pixelgenius because it gives me quick results that are not as easily duplicated manually.