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    Palm rejection


      Could you please impliment palm rejection for the note 10.1 as it is really annoying when sometimes I zoom in and out with my fingers it doesn't always zoom and instead lines are left all over my project and if I haven't done another layer I have to go over the bits where the lines are that I don't want

      Other art apps I've used have the ability to have palm rejetion and Ps touch is the only one I've used that doesn't have this option so I know it is possible


      This forum is annoying, it doesn't say anything about how to post in the relevant forum, it just says open a discussion and it ends up in questions, how do you post ideas?

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Oddly, the ideas link seems to have gone missing from its usual location (out in the main "discussions" forum in the top right).

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            Zeuzer Level 1

            Where's the main discussion?

            I see front page which has trending questions, ideas, more questions, top ideas and blah blah blah, there is no link to a main disuscussion and nothing about posting ideas and the only thing on the top right on main page of ps touch for tablets is start new discussion which I did and it turned into a question even though I didn't press the option for it to be a question


            When you go to the ideas page there is no option to start a new idea just top right start new discussion which i've tried twice now for asking for a new idea and both of them turned into questions, if I wanted to ask a question I would have gone to the start a new question option which there isn't....oh wait there is top of page ask new question......but why does the start new discussion turn into a question when there is already an option to start a new question? Makes no sense....I give up


            You need a map for this place, it is so badly laid out


            Oh and the survey it gave me to fill in after I've been here didn't actually ask me any questions it just said it will pop up after my visit which it didn't, totally useless

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              Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

              Up above this thread are several links that take you to that location, "Discussions," being one of them.


              Creating an idea was there; I just haven't a clue why it disappeared. (Maybe they're catching up?)


              In the meantime, when you get to the main discussions forum, bookmark it in your browser. That's how I do it.