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    Audio from Video/File Format



      I am new to Premiere Elements 11. I was wondering, is there a way to extract the audio from a video file, and vice versa?

      I often use my camcorder to record sound effects because I prefer its sound quality, but that means I have to extract the audio from the video to use the sound effects.

      If it helps to clarify my question, I used to be able to do this in Windows Movie Maker (Vista version) by simply dragging a video onto the audio track.


      Also, I am hoping to buy a new camcorder soon. Don't know if it matters, but it's a JVC HD Enverio GZ-EX355BU, and records AVCHD (.mts is the specific file extension I believe...when I click on a file, it is shown as F:\AVCHD\AVCHDTM\THUMB.TPT). Is this a file format supported by Premiere Elements 11? I don't want to bother buying the camera if I can't use it, of course.