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    Actionscript link help...

      I've been trying to work with a flash template that I bought from templatemonster.com ...

      Here is my problem...I need the buttons at the top to link to other pages, whereas currently they link to other scenes or frames...

      Can I do this without losing the interactive actionscript features (rollover effects, etc.)?

      I had it working before when I just added in a bunch of getURL functions, but it wasn't the prettiest...some of the rollover effects didn't work correctly...

      Here is the current code for one of the buttons:

      onClipEvent (load) {
      num = 1;
      on (rollOver) {
      if (_root.link<>num) {
      on (releaseOutside, rollOut) {
      if (_root.link<>num) {
      on (release) {
      if (_root.link<>num and _root.animation == 1) {
      _root.animation = 0;
      _root.link_prev = _root.link;
      _root.link = num;