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    XML, Classes, others..

      Umm, hello folks!

      I have had a few issue with my actionscripts earlier, either I am not reading em correctly, or I forget a step..but I cannot seem to get it right..
      Here it goes:
      I have designed some interface for some game of mine to create characters, the character files are stored in xml..

      The interface is quite simple actually, there is a picture showing characters, it toggles to the corresponding choice (That is when you choose something), There is two drop-down menus.. One for the class, the other for the gender..
      My biggest problem is I cannot seem to make it recognise whether its a male or female.. :).. Ill choose one class, it'll toggle to the corresponding sprite but I cannot change its gender with the other dropdown menu.

      Once finished, the character informations are stocked in two seperated XML files. (I've actually been doing them manually because of this issue..
      I do not know how to make flash create a new XML file, then store the datas inside it, on a specific location (That is on my webhoster, in a folder..) As i said, there are 2 XML files, and both are in different folders on the Game's website.

      So..Briefly: How can I make two drop-down menu works altogether to gather the corresponding info?
      And how can I create new XML files when pressed the 'Save' button, and store the informations in it?

      I hope I can get some answer anytime soon.

      Thank you in advance,