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    Point-and-shoot camera video problems


      Hi I'm trying to edit a video from a DSC that is encoded as 30.000 frames per second non-drop, 1280x720p, square pixels in motion JPEG codec.  The audio is 8KHz 64 kb/s mono in PCM codec.


      In elements 8, I can't import it because of the audio format.  So I ran it through Free AVI Video Converter. It changed the video codec  to XVID and the audio to MPEG. to Now they import and an edit just fine.  But when I try to export them, I can't get a setting that looks good. The pixelization is horrible. Titles are completely unreadable.


      I'm tempted to upgrade to elements 11, but I won't try that unless I know for sure it will solve my problems.


      I'd really prefer to import the direct camera videos and export them at a usable quality.


      The camera was a friend's SeaLife DC1400

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >changed the video codec  to XVID


          Xvid/Divx are output files, not meant to be edited (variations of the MPEG4 codec, often used for Internet streaming video) so, they mostly do NOT edit well (if at all) in any flavor of Premiere, even if wrapped inside an AVI container


          To edit a divx/xvid file, or convert to a format that will edit in any Premiere

          -start at http://www.divx.com/ or at http://www.xvid.org/

          -convert http://forums.adobe.com/thread/415317?tstart=0

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            I agree with John T. Smith. Xvid, and DivX are about the worst CODEC's to use, if one intends to edit the footage. If your conversion program can do H.264, probably in an MP4 wrapper w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio, that should work fine.


            Now, going back to when you attempted to Import the original files, what indicated to you, that the Audio was an issue? PrE can handle a lot of different Audio, as it Conforms it to 48KHz 32-bit floating point. This might take some time, but I would anticipate tht the 8KHz WAV Audio Stream could be Conformed. Did you get an error message, and if so, what was it?


            Good luck,



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              BrentInRochester Level 1

              Thanks to both of you for the quick replies.


              Hunt, this was a good suggestion. I switched to H.264 at a fixed 3MB/s and it worked much better.


              The error when I import the unmodified clips is: Add Media Failure. <filename> Unsupported audio rate in file.


              I used GSpot to check the original files and it shows the audio codec is PCM Audio, at 8KHz, 64 kb/s (1 chnl).


              My re-rendered clips are MEG-4 AAC LC, 48KHz, 160 kb/s, stereo (2/0)


              So apparently the audio was too poor to import.  Ironically these are scuba diving clips, and I plan to throw-away the audio entirely.  Unfortunately I have to re-encode the video stream to achieve that goal. I was hoping to find a tool that can strip the audio out of the MP4 wrapper. But everything I found so far was to extract the audio and ditch the video.