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    How to make a simple JPEG flash light to dark on PDF?


      Hello all. Thank you for reading this.


      Please have a look at this online magazine:




      Notice how the "Click Here To Read" is flashing?


      Well I'm wondering how do I create that effect? I'm sure it can't be as confusing as I'm trying to learn. Basically I'm creating a online magazine, and I want a JPG/PNG File to flash from dark to light. Is this an effect I add on Adobe InDesign before I convert my (rather large 1,500 page) magazine to a PDF? Or do I open this in Adobe Acrobat X as a PDF and tweak some setting there?


      Or does this file have to be converted to a Shock-wave Flash file? Because I have NO EXPERIENCE in flash files, they seem so confusing.


      Please help if you can!