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    Photoshop Looping Activation - Keeps asking for serial number

    Phil_Laz Level 1



      I have PS CS5.1. All of a sudden, one day, when opening photoshop it randomly asked me for my serial number. I put this in and clicked the button to move to the next step (cannot remember what the button said). The dialog box then closed and it appeared that all was well again, but then it reloaded the very same dialog box, which once again asked for my serial number. I tried it a few more times and it kept looping and asking for the serial repeatedly. I then uninstalled photoshop and rebooted computer. Once rebooted I reinstalled. All looked to be well, but then when I attempt to open photoshop it again asks me for my serial. Again I have tried several times inputting the serial, but it just keeps asking. Aparently my 'Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Trial has expired... It never was a trial version... I have now removed and installed several times. I have attempted to download adobe update manager. This appears to be installed, but nothing seems to update. I am now at a dead end and do not know what to try or how to resolve the issue. I have searched the net and cannot find any way to fix the problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated.




      The below image shows what I keep getting looped back to, no matter what I do.