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    Grainy Dvd Image Quality Premiere Pro to Encore


      I've seen other posts pertaining to this issue. I keep getting grainy or perhaps interlaced image quality issues on the DVD coming from Premiere to Encore. I've tried with and without Dynamic Link and still have quality issues. I've changed the encore settings and still had issues. I'm wondering what's the best work flow to produce high quality DVD's from Premiere to encore especially when it comes to people with this particular issues.  I also have Media Encoder as an option. 


      I'm editing for a company that is using the Sony tape cameras that you have to capture, not specific on the model. The source is 1440x1080 29.97 upper. Now that I'm having troubles producing DVD's the company not paying me for the work until the DVD problem is solved. As I mentioned I've read other forums about this issues so I know it's a known problem, I'm wondering if there has been a popular solution for it once and for all.