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    Help need to understand After Effects Rendering


      Hi There


      I have just built my first editing pc.


      I want to do Editing in Premiere and AE.


      I understand it is best to share the load over 3 drives, and so i have


      C: SSD - OS/programs


      H: 1 TB HDD - media


      F: 500GB EXternal Hard drive - renders


      in premiere pro i have made it so i read of the media of H: and render to F:


      BUT in after effects i am having trouble understand all this disk cache and confirmed media cache business.


      I want to have my renders/previews go onto F: as i dont want my SSD to full up!


      what i want to know is where do i allocate the disk cache, confirmed media cache, and the data base stuff.



      or does after effects delete renders itsself afterwards.




      if anyone could help or give me a simple answer as to what these disk cache and media cache things are in AE that would be amazing



      Also when i hit space bar to play in AE it goes green for a few seconds then it leaves the bar behind blue!


      dont understand


      would appriciate  any hep