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    Elimination of Online segment of data collection.


      I wish to collect information from various external institutions for analysis. However they are averse to an online facility where their sensitive data may be compromised or accessed. Is there a way for these respondents to participate using the full version without the use of the online facility? What i envision is creating the forms local to a machine, exporting to file, transporting  the blank form to the institution physically (or email), institution fill out and return via physical delivery,  respondents file uploaded to a local machine and processed. Can this be achieved?

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          This is a workflow that is supported by Acrobat using PDF forms.  You have a couple of options here.  You can    

                A) Create your form in FormsCentral, save it as a PDF form, distribute it by email with instructions for those taking the survey NOT to use the submit button but instead email back their copy of the PDF form by ema


               B) Create the form in Acrobat Pro entirely using the Email Workflow.  It will work as described above but will not have a submitt button on the PDF Form and your answers will not be tracked using the FormsCentral servers.