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    insert sequence in another sequence -> strange behaviour




      I created a sequence that I want to put into another sequence.

      When I grab the new sequence in project frame and move the mouse pointer into the target sequence I see all the video layers of the inserted sequence.

      In CS5 I could insert only one clip with the content of that sequence.

      In CC it seens that it is coping the cips of the inserted sequence into the other.


      Has anybody a hint how to get the old behaviour back?


      ... as it seems that it ist still there: When I right click on the new sequence and choose "new sequence of clip" it shows me one clip of the sequence in another new sequence...

      But I whant that behaviour if I drag the sequence into another...  I tried all CTRL, ALT, SHIFT and so on, checked the preferences but am somehow lost...


      Cheers and thanks in advance,


      Konrad Merz