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    loadMovie without having to use full path/URL

      I've always used loadMovie to call external swf files from a main/menu swf file, but it seems that some new security settings and restrictions, I'm not able to do this anymore - at least not online. All my swf files are in the same directory, and when I play the swf locally, it loads all the external swfs without a problem.

      I tried changing the path to my swf in the loadMovie command to the pull path on the server, and this worked. The problem is, I have to hand off my website to another company, and it will go through many rounds of testing (and servers) before eventually going online. Is there any way to avoid having to use the full path/domain in the loadMovie command for a situation like this where the domain/path will change?

      I have this in the Flash embed tag:
      <PARAM NAME="allowScriptAccess" VALUE="sameDomain" />

      I have this as my loadMovie command:
      loadMovie ("flashfile.swf", 1);

      But it only works when I have it like this, which is a problem because the URL will change many times before launch.
      loadMovie (" http://www.website/media/flashfile.swf", 1);

      Any help would be appreciated!