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    Adobe Grow Bounds vs Red Giant Grow Bounds

    navparker@mac.com Level 1

      I'm using the lovely Frischluft LensCare Out of Focus on a text layer. I notice the blur doesn't go outside the bounds of the text. I apply AE's Grow Bounds before the blur and adjust the border value. Nothing changes.


      I delete Grow Bounds and apply Red Giant RGS Grow Bounds and the blur is instanly fixed.. even with the grow bounds set to 0 pixels.


      Any idea what's why one works and the other does't? I thought they both did the same thing.


      (CS6 11.0.2, Mac 10.6.8, Adobe Grow_Bounds v1.1, Red Giant Grow Bounds 1.1, LensCare 1.4.7)