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    EDL Exporting and Importing 101 - Questions

    Filmmaker78 Level 1

      We are testing Premiere's EDL exporting and importing capabilities for the first time, and are having issues. We set up a very simple test project with only 13 clips and a timeline with only 10 edits. This is what it looks like:





      We then exported an EDL, started a new Premiere project, and imported the EDL that we had created. It looks like this:





      In the bin, Premiere has now turned our 13 clips into 41. There are a lot of duplicates, some of them appear to be audio files, even though they're still listed as .mxf, and the start and end times are all over the place. Our two questions are: Why is it making all of these clips? And how do you link the media? We started linking some media manually, but because the start and end times are scrambled, the edits appear completely wrong in the sequence that we've created.

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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          Normally an edl would be used to send a selects list to a colorist, etc.,

          or as a last resort to cross editing platforms (since XML/AAF are better).


          What would be your use for an exported edl?

          Have you tried importing the edl anywhere aside from Premiere?

          Have you tried export / import of XML or AAF files?


          Frankly, I haven't had any use for a 'plain vanilla' edl for over a decade.

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            shooternz Level 6

            There are a variety of options offered when exporting an EDL.


            These options need to be considered in conjunction with how the Sequence (audio/video layers) are set up. (managed for the edl export)


            Source footage management is vital in any EDL workflow and even more so when digital clip based ( as opposed to tape based linear assets).  ie. Digital clips have "unusual" filenames and are buried deep in folder structures. Filenames can be duplicated in a card to cards system. (mxf would be an exception)


            The EDL is usually used between systems.

            In your case  you are testing on the same system and assumeably the source footage resides there as well.  This is a case for managing the "source" so as the links work.


            Example. When I take footage to a Resolve Suite out of house.  I set up all the source footage on an transfer drive in the same manner ( filenames, folder names etc) as the original local drive .