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    How to convert HD content to Best-Quality DVD ?


      Hi there! I'm thepopol777 and I'm using Premiere Pro for 5 years now. However, this is the first time I have to make a video DVD so I would like some advices.


      I've read all threads about HD to DVD, but I couldn't find the answers I'm searching for.


      Let's go!



      I filmed 40 min movie with my HD sony camcorder. 1920 x 1080. Now, I have to put this on DVD playable on a classic DVD Player. I don't want to put 1080p on DVD, just make a normal SD DVD but with the max quality possible. I know it will not be BluRay quality, regarding the bitrate etc...


      So this is what I've already done:


      1st Try


      1- I've created a Premiere Pro project with the folowing settings: AVCHD 1080p - Squared pixels - 25fps - 16/9 ( Should I create a Standard DV-PAL project a this point? )

      2- After finished the mounting, I've clicked on Adobe Dynamic Link -> Encore

      3- In Encore, I've created a Transcode Preset with the following settings: MPEG2-DVD - Quality: 5 - 25fps - Progressive - widescreen 16/9 - VBR 2 pass - Bitrate, Min: 6, Goal: 8, Max: 9 - Sound: Dolby digital

      4- File - Generate - Disk: DVD


      The result of this is, after 8 hours of transcoding, the DVD is done, but the quality is really low ( Or I'm too used to BluRay ). On the 4,7Go space of the DVD, only 2,6 Go was used. So I'm wondering if there is a way to boost the quality with the unused space ?




      2nd Try


      1- With the same Premiere Pro project, I didn't send to Encore this time. I've done Create Media and with Adobe Media Encoder ( which I prefer ), I've created a file with thoses settings:  MPEG2-DVD - Quality: 5 - 25fps - Progressive - widescreen 16/9 - VBR 2 pass - Bitrate, Min: 8, Goal: 8.5 , Max: 9 - Sound: Dolby digital - Multiplexing: DVD

      2- Back to the 1st try Encore project, but this time I've manually clicked on the sequence and " Localize Transcoded file "

      3- I'm like " Now I've already transcoded the file, the next step should be the burning... But no, after clicking on Generate - Disk - DVD, Encore is transcoding again my transcoded file.

      4- Maybe this is because the Transcode Preset is different of my transcoded file? OK Challenge me!!!! Creating a new Transcode Preset with the same values than in AME

      5- But nothing changes here, Encore absolutely wants to re-Transcode my transcoded file

      6- I Just give up here.


      Yeah I know, shame on me to give up.... But I really don't know if my tries were goods. So here I am, don't know if my first-try DVD is the best quality I can get already... Or If I had to re-create a Premiere Pro project with the final size instead of 1920x1080... I'm just lost, and a step-to-step guide will be appreciated.


      Thanks a lot!