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    Puppet Pin layers graying out


      Hello. I'm learning to use Puppet Pins, but am running into a problem.


      Sometimes I will set my pins, goto another point on the timeline, and then hit "Reset" to bring the pins back to the original location. However, sometimes I will Undo it (since I didn't like the point at where I reset it to), but what it does is erase all the animation that I set up with my pins, and the Puppet Pin layer names in the Comp window all turn gray. Am I using the Reset button incorrectly? Thanks!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sounds like a bug, where not the effect settings are undone, but the entire effect itself. Anyway, without more details like system information or what version of AE you use and screenshots nobody can be too sure of these things...



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            Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

            the solution I found is in the Puppet Pin Tool Parameters in the Tools window

            if you change Expansion or triangles parameters you will get your pins back

            (be sure to click on your mesh in the timeline first).

            change it to something else (add a point or something) and change it back.


            it happend to me too and couldn't find the solution online

            but what I noticed was when you reset - you change the expansion and the triangles to the their default

            and then when you click undo it changes back to what you had earlier.


            what I did was add another number (say instead of 50 to 51)

            and voila! the pins are back. then I changed it back to what it was.


            if you want to reset, you should reset your points and not your tool

            by right clicking on the position and "Reset"