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    Downloading books


      I do not have computer knowledge, therefore I will ask for information to be written in a language that I can understand. My problem is after I select my books to purchase the books are sent to "My Library". From that point on I cannot transfer them into my Ereader.  A window keeps popping up saying "Real Player" No software update available from Real Player to support this content.

      These books have been charged to my credit card account.  I called KoBo and was told that it must be a software problem because they can load the books to be read on my computer,but not to the reader.  Has anyone ever had this problem or heard of anyone having this problem.  I am very frustrated.

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          sjpt Level 4

          Have you downloaded and installed the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) program from the Adobe website on your computer?



          The normal sequence is to use that to aquire the full copy of the book, and then to transfer it to your Kobo.

          Digital Editions has help to show how to do it, and I think the Kobo probably came with some help too,

          but if you can't get any further post again and we will try to help.

          Try to say exactly what you have done that worked, what you were doing when it failed, and what the message was.


          It sounds as if RealPlayer has decided to pretend it can open your files and jumped in to try, then realized it can't handle them.