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    Cache work area in background, when completed system become locked and non-responsive

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      I have a Windows 7 Ent x64 AMD AM3 965 system, 8gb memory with 2 1TB WD Black spin drives C: for programs and F: for cache.

      My Disk Cache folder f:\AE Cache (50gb allowed) & Media Caches f:\AE MCache (Both cache folders total 32gb after caching)


      I have a 2 minute long animation with serveral comps. (Screenshots of my application, basic simple tutorial)


      Whenever I tell AE to ''cache work area in background'', my whole system starts to become slow, then at the end of the cache I try to open another comp or close program, it will lock up my system for a few minutes until it finished whatever else it needs to finish. When I close AE after background caching I can forget about doing anything for about 10+ minutes, not even able to open task manager to see what is going on because the system does not respond.


      Occurs  on my Work Station and Home PC.

      Is this normal when ''Caching work area background'' and opening another comp or closing AE:CC?



      File size of AE project 1.3mb, rendered = 29mb, 868x564 23.89fps, 16bpc, no sound, 2 min 10sec.