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    Fast Color Corrector not rendering in final output

    cscooper2013 Level 2

      I have a stack of effects setup in order to create a wipe-on glow effect.  I'm using Fast Color Corrector, Gausian Blur and Crop.  When I playback the project in Premiere Pro CC, it plays back correctly (at least, the way I'd like it to look).  However, Adobe Media Encoder is not encoding the Fast Color Corrector, which effectively makes my wipe-on look lame.  Both Gaussian Blur and Crop seem to be working, here is the correct (Premiere) and incorrect (AME) screenshot.  Notice the "OD" in the word "Good".


      All effects and all video tracks are enabled.  Anyone know anything about this and how I might force AME to take notice and render all of the effects?


      MASTER.Still001.jpg MASTER.Still002.jpg


      By the way, I just tried "Export" instead of using Adobe Media Encoder.  It works.  Why doesn't it render correctly in AME?