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    Premiere Pro stops rendering and gives error message when encounters "RGB Color Corrector"


      Premiere Pro (and also Encore) stops rendering and gives error message when it encounters a clip containing the "RGB Color Corrector" in any clip.  It will process clips without RGBCC, but will stop when it gets to one with RGBCC activavted.  PP will render clips if other effects, such as "Fast Color Corrector", "Color Balance (HLS)", and "Three-Way Color Corrector" are selected. However, these do not have the capabilities that The other color correctors will not do what RGB color corrector does, so I need to have this working to finish a large product that is due to the client.  Please help me..... I am not using the Creative Cloud version, and can't find either a download for the new update from 2013, or a phone number to talk to anyone.