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    open .ebt file


      Hi. I'm trying to download this document : http://www.doc88.com/p-7082906882637.html or this : http://www.doc88.com/viewer.swf?p1=7082906882637 . Seems to be a

      simple swf file (embedded in the page) named viewer.swf. Actually this is only a player, the real  content is probably an image of a pdf file ( you have to purchuase the document in order to download the file). After a few attempts i have downloaded a  4mb long .ebt file..I don't know how to open the file and i think it's the document i need..Some googling reveals that this is an old format, opened by "adobe acrobat ebook reader" , but until now i haven't found this old software. Digital Editions doesn't recognize the file..How can i open the .ebt file?