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    Unable to view pdf created in Live Cycle Designer ES2-initially thought to be a user/OS issue


      Unable to view pdf created in Live Cycle Designer ES2.  I initially thought this was a user / OS issue when I created a document for someone who is new to a MAC laptop.  She could not view the document through email.  Unfortunately, I began seeing the same error in my own document folders when searching for another document showing as icons instead of a list.  I can open the file without a problem although I see the error she sees only while viewing the icons in my folder.  I am using a Windows 7 PC. Now, I also know that if the document is downloaded, it can be viewed.


      Other notes:

      1. If trying to access the form via the internet, the same error is seen through Chrome, Firefox, and Mozilla but NOT through IE
      2. Everyone seems to have the latest or a very recent READER
      3. The form is compatible with Reader versions 7 and up
      4. Again, downloading from the internet to the computer appears to allow the file to open properly
      5. Document cannot be viewed on the Galaxy Tab 2 via Chrome or the pre-installed Internet Browser, nor can it be viewed through the Reader after download to tablet. I did not try on an Apple iPad.
      6. All parties involved are up-to-date with virus protection.


      Below is a link to the exact message received when trying to open the document.