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    Linking Breezos together?

      Having encountered the 100Mb Powerpoint limit, to which the Knowledgebase suggested that the presentation be broken down into smaller files, I am trying to discover if it is possible for one Breezo to call another.

      For example, if I break a 40 slide presentation into 2 lots of 20 is it possible to run this so that it appears to the end user that they are just viewing a single presentation?

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          two suggestions;
          1] when the Author is publishing the Breezo to the server, make sure the "Upload source files to the server" is not checked because the ppt/ppc files will take some of the 100mb limit. The limit is on the amount of data that's publshed, not the size of the end result breezo.

          2] You should be able to create a link in the first Breezo that points at the second, however, the learner may have to enter their credentials a second time because it will be a second session.