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    Can't install Adobe on My mac


      So, I have a mac pro, with MAC OS X 10.5.8. Everything with youtube was fine, but one time i had to delete all of my cookies. With that went my adobe flash player. My first question is, do cookies use flash player? So, I then tried to download the latest flash player, as yutube instructed me, but it said my software didn't meet the requirments, (which i understood). So, I went to the archived versions, as required, and downloaded one of them, I am not sure which but it was one of the latest ones. I downloaded it, and when i tried to install it it wouldn't let me. So, i dragged all of my flash players (I believe i downloaded ultiple archived versions) to the trash and emptied it. I then learned that works for m software. everything went well but then as it was insalling it got to 95% then "failed". So, i did the "show package content thing" and used the resources and install help. When i chose the macintosh thing, it said my system had a later version on my macintosh. So, i dragged all of the flash players to the trash and emptied them, and redonwloaded and the same thing happened. Help!