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    Wanted: Open file dialog without preview

    4everJang Level 3

      Hello all,


      I am struggling with the available Folder and File methods in ExtendScript.


      What I need to do is have the user select a file, but I do not want to show a preview of the contents of that file, which will not be opened at all, just moved to another location. The preview may look pretty scary, so I want to remove that from the dialog. With the File.openDialog method, there is no apparent method to make it go away. I am guessing this is a standard Windows dialog that is called from ExtendScript.


      So I thought of a selectDialog method instead. According to the JavaScript Tools Guide, the selectDialog method can return either a Folder or a File object, depending on what the user has selected. But in the dialog I can only select folders. I tried the selectDialog method on a File, but that does not seem to work at all, as the method is only defined for a Folder.


      So I am stuck with the openDialog and I don't like the sight of the nasty preview when selecting some binary file. Any ideas ?