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    Data merge - multiple records & resultant page off-set images

    John Samson

      I have designed a simple exhibition entry card of 3 fields, a logo (png), and a title box. This simple, grouped, single layer when merged with the data using multiple record layout produces 54 pages of 8 cards per page: exactly as intended. However the resultant group of cards on each page are offset. If the 8 are grouped and then the group centred vertically and horizontally on each page this produces the final printable pages.


      I have read through as many forum entries as seem relevant, have tried centering the master object, played with spacing and margins but always result with 8 offset cards. I have also searched/viewed YouTube, Lynda.com and other possible references. I cannot obviously see where/what the offset numbers tie in with any other page settings. All page settings are zero margins, bleeds etc.


      Where am I going wrong or what is the issue? I guess I could (with learning how to do it) create a macro to group the cards on each page and then centre each but surely this isn't the result you would expect from InDesign.


      Machine: Windows 7, running CS6 V8.0.1


      Thanks for any help or pointers anyone can offer.