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    Autorising digital editions 2.0


      , today I tried to autorise for Adobe digital editions 2.0. Each time I fill in e-mail and password en push continu, I get a message (translated from Dutch) :Fault activatingserver; Code E-AUTH_NOT_READY; Digital Editions has detected a fault at the activatingserver; Try again.... I have tried for more then 10 times and each time it gives the same result. What to do??

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          Romsinha Adobe Employee

          Hi tsinahpah1,


          1) Open Adobe Digital Editions if it is not already open. Select the Library view. Hold down Ctrl+Shift D and DE authorize your computer. When finished, Adobe Digital Editions will close.
                            2) Reopen Adobe Digital Editions and run through the setup assistant and enter the correct Adobe ID and password that you just changed.


          Note: This problem is caused due to wrong Adobe ID registration due to which user is unable to download e book. So to check the id and activate it follow the mentioned steps:


          • To activate Adobe Digital Editions using an Adobe ID
            1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
            2. Select Library > Authorize Computer.
              The 'Authorize Computer' dialog box is displayed.
            3. In the appropriate fields, enter the email address and password for your Adobe ID.
            4. Click 'Activate'.
              Your computer is activated to your Adobe ID.
            5. Click 'Finish' to close the 'Setup Assistant' dialog box.
              Adobe Digital Editions is activated using an Adobe ID. Repeat this process on each computer on which you intend to download Adobe eBooks.


          Please refer the mentioned thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5310386 for similar issue.



          Romit Sinha

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