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    Send to Speedgrade via dpx leaves many dpx folders empty


      This is a double post because I'm not sure whether to consider this a Premiere issue or a Speedgrade Issue.


      I am using RED footage (and some QT stock) and sending this footage from Premiere CC to Speedgrade using dpx files.


      (I can't use EDL because of multiple resizes/reframes throughout the project, so please don't consider that as an option)


      I have split the 100 minute project into 5 20-minute reels, each with its own Premiere sequence.


      When I send a sequence, the Speedgrade file is created as well as the folder structure for the dpx's.  This all seems perfect.


      The problem is that Premiere does not fill all of the dpx folders.  It leaves about half of them empty and skips to other folders.


      This seems random and I cannot see any pattern as to what would cause this.  The error is repeatable in that each export of a given sequence yields the same empty folders.


      The Premiere sequences play just fine in Premiere.


      Premier gives no errors when exporting.  It appears to finish successfully, but just skips certain areas.


      In Premiere I've tried batch disabling/enabling clips as well as duplicating sequences and cutting/pasting the clips into the duplicate sequence.


      Any help would be apprecited - the lack of options is frustrating.