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    Color Match

    Mutant04 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have Photoshop Touch for both Tablet and Phone, and love them both.


      Apart from the layout being slightly different (due to the device its intended for) I believe that both versions are the same.


      However I have found that on the Phone version, on the layer fly out menu you have the Opacity slider, Blend mode option drop down, the trash can for delete layer, the layer option (merge, flatten etc.) and another icon called colour match.


      On the Tablet version this Color Match Icon is missing???


      Does anyone know why it is missing on the Tablet version? Or, is it in another place?


      I wouldn't have thought that the Phone version would have more then the tablet version?


      Any help would be most welcome.





      I have just installed version 1.5 on my tablet, and I now have the Color Match Icon on the layers panel fly-out.   All fixed